project collecting clothes for charity

Kleidersammlung für einen guten Zweck im Englischunterricht – project collecting clothes for charity

The pupils of class 4b recently decided, suggested by Mrs.Ellmann and Mrs.Nagele, to launch a project related to their current English-unit called “collecting things”.

In close collaboration with the socio-economic society “WAMS” they have started a clothing collection for charity.

In the course of only two weeks the class and also some other children from our school have managed to fill eight big collecting bags with various clothing which were subsequently delivered to WAMS by the whole class and their English teachers.The project was considered a success by all involved; not least because it made the children realize just how easy it is to actually better the lives of those in need.

All it really took was some good will and the consistency to see things through! (Text: D. Ellmann-Schletterer)

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B. Nagele